Find Your Happy Tribe

Have you ever felt unliked by someone without reason? Did you ever feel you need to chase for connection? Don’t worry its not about you. It just means that they are not part of your happy tribe. Who’s your Happy Tribe? They are the people whom you can share your craziness and quirks. They support you. Most of all, they don’t make you feel you have to chase for connection. They can be your friends, your family or officemates. Unfortunately, sometimes, its none of the above. But don’t give up. Share to the world who you are so your happy tribe will find you. You are not meant to be alone. And when you find your Happy Tribe, LOVE THEM HARD.

PHOTO:Angeli Santina Soriano

ABOUT THE PICTURE: Yes. That’s me the girl Luffy and I’m with my friends. We did a One Piece Girl Edition cosplay shoot at One Hundred Islands in Pangasinan. This was already years ago. Perhaps 2014. This one of the most memorable travel I ever had. I wish I could do this again. It was really fun.

How about you? Have you found your happy tribe? If not, don’t give up. You can reach out to me and maybe we can be part of each other’s tribe. Who knows?

That’s all for the Day 8 of my 30-Day Blogging Challenge. See you again tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Find Your Happy Tribe

      1. Maybe we just have to appreciate the people around us. Those people who have been supporting us no matter what happens in our lives. They can be our happy tribe. ☺️

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