OOTD and Why Do We Love High Places?

Except for those who have fear of heights, majority loves high places. We love to climb mountains to reach the summits. We want the view from the rooftop, the high floors of the building and cityscapes. Humans dream to fly lead to invention of airplanes. There’s always an exhilaring feeling of reaching the top. To touch the clouds.

Such thoughts came to me when I went to the roofdeck of our office building last Thursday.We went there with my manager and photography mentor because we were planning to have our IPC (Infor Photography Club) activity here next time. For now, we went there to have an ocular inspection of the place so we can plan our shots ahead of time.

I was mesmerized the moment I stepped in and thought my outfit was perfect for quick “Outfit of the Day shoot”. I was wearing a plaid skirt which I bought from ukay-ukay and cream top which I bought in an instagram kawaii shop ‘x.chloescloset.c’.

I realized I have been reaching summits after summits this month. Three mountains and our building so far. In next few days, I’ll have a trip to the highest point of the Philippines. And i’m so excited for another great view my eyes will be witnessing. And of course with my travel buddy, my cameras.

But going back to the question, I have pondered hard to answer. I think my answer would be, humans just fancies perspectives they don’t usually see. We are land dwellers and the views from the top requires effort and resources. I’m pretty sure if the roofdeck is accessible for anyone in a snap of finger, people wouldn’t be as thrilled. If we have wings, people won’t have dreams of flying. People won’t bother climb a mountain anymore. Seeing things from above won’t feel as magical anymore. We humans actually fancies things we can’t easily get. Things that needs hardwork to achieve in all aspect of life. Summits included.

How about you? What silly questions you have pondered for a while?

Photo credits:

Gerard Dangca using Samsung Galaxy 8

Photos processed in Lightroom with ‘Orange and Teal’ preset.


27 thoughts on “OOTD and Why Do We Love High Places?

      1. Hahaha…minsan trip natin magpala profound. Ikaw rin sis, dami mo profound ideas…Ang problema sa arin, minaan hindi makahabol ang kamay sa mga naiisip. I wish I have more time to write and blog.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yaiks! Easy lang besh. Wag magpaka-pressure sa blogging. Dapat stress reliever natin ito, hindi source of stress.


      1. Ahhh!! Dami ko naririnig na horror story online. Pero bumibili din naman ako online pero so far sa isang online store palang. Di na ko naghanap ng iba. Stick to one kasi ako. Hahaha


      2. Oo marami tlaga. Basta ang rule ko..hi di ako bibili online ng mga sobrang mamahalin..nga lagpas 1k ganun. Para kahit maloko ako hindi masyadong masakit hahaha


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