No-hassle Roofdeck Dining at Firefly Makati

No reservation needed! No entrance fee. You also don’t need to leave an ID in the hotel reception. Have a taste of feeling elite while enjoying the Makati City View in Firefly Roofdeck Restaurant. Located at the 32nd floor of City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati. Complete address is 8008 Makati Avenue, Corner Kalayaan, Makati, 1200 Manila, Philippines. Super easy to locate thru Grab.

Why this place is great?

  1. Well first and foremost, you’ll get to enjoy the skyscraper’s view of Makati. The city lights makes the atmosphere romantic. That’s why most people dining here are couples.

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2. It’s not only for couples.  This place is also great for portrait shoots. Just like what I did with my family. I brought them here because I was looking for a new place to celebrate my birthday.  And then I learned about this place through the web. It was an abrupt plan actually. But because they are with me, they know  I chose this place for instant photoshoot session.





3.Affordable food. Well of course it’s a little bit more expensive. But considering the atmosphere and the view, this is now affordable compared to  most high-end restaurants.  They offer different cuisine ranging from Spanish, Filipino, Japanese and Korean. They also offer beer and cocktails.

Lechon Sisig for P350.00. This is already okay for 2-3 servings.




To give you an idea, here’s a glimpse on the menu. The Japanese and Korean dishes are in buffet package in P800+. This is grabbed from

Pasta is popular with the dating couples here.


The veranda seats has waiting list and can only accommodate up to 3 persons only. But for the seats inside, there is no waiting list. And you can freely take photoshoots in veranda as well.

So if you’re in Manila and thinking of a romantic dinner with your partner, you can now consider Firefly Roofdeck Dining.

If you have other places that offer the same dining on a roofdeck around Manila,  please leave a comment below. I’ll gladly visit it.

It’s not too late for everything ❤



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11 thoughts on “No-hassle Roofdeck Dining at Firefly Makati

  1. Nice, I might try to convince my family to go roof deck dining with me one of these days! I don’t know if you’ve tried it but there’s one in Intramuros, the Bayleaf Hotel. You might want to try the ones in Solaire, Marco Polo Ortigas, and Conrad, too.


  2. Grabe, sikat na talaga si roofdeck. 2 years ago lagi ako dyan tas konti pa lang yung tao. 9pm na pero marami pang spot sa veranda.

    Ang Nice, besh! tas hindi na tayo nagkikita sa morning! ang layo mo na lagi. huhubels,


    1. Thank you besh..wala e. bgc peeps na ako. I’M so conyo na hahahaha. Kumusta awrahan sa Maldives!!! RABAAN!

      PS. I’ll include you in my prayers. I wish u good health besh. Sana okay na you and feeling better.


      1. Owww. Ayaw na kitang friend, conyo ka na. hahahaha. Ang ganda ng Maldives kaso natatamad pa ako magblog. hahaha.

        Thank you, Besh! Nov. 23 ang operation ko


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