Inviting You to be My International Blogger Friend (Please accept :D)

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are doing well! This year I would like to use internet and my blog to really connect into the world. I would love to travel to achieve that and as much as I wanted to, I have limited resources. But Internet is here so I had this idea to create International Blogger Friend Directory. The idea is to invite everyone in blogosphere and have at least one friend in each country so that means at least 195 blogger friends.

I want to diversify the blogs I follow. I am so curious to hear and learn more base on more personal perspective and not just on news/ wikis. I believe blogs reflects much of the writer’s soul and through this I am hoping to have meaningful interactions with people around the globe.

If you’re accepting my invitation, we could do at least one of the following:

  • Simply follow each other’s blog links and blog platforms.
  • Give me your three current favorite blog posts (own writing) and I would put my thoughts in the comment. Similarly, I would also send you my own fave blogs post in my blog and your would put your thoughts as well.
  • Do a blog collaboration (Suggestions below)
    • be my guest blogger
    • Exchange favorite book, tv series, movie , netflix and we’ll have an exchange of reviews.
    • Or we can read book or watch film we both never seen before and let’s have a review about it.
    • These are just my suggestions. We can talk and agree on topics 😉
  • Send each other letters or postcards or stickers! (I would love to add this in my bullet journal)
  • Bond over music! Let’s sing a song as duet in Smule or WeSing.
  • Duet over Tiktok! Yes I have tiktok account (gurezu). It’s fun. It’s my guilty pleasure. Let’s duet!
  • Or others we can think of. We could even meet up and bond over coffee,books , movies etc if its possible.

I have actually forget this idea in a while but the invitation and list has been sitting around in my “About Me” page. Empty. Until one day, I received an email from Libera Tarts ( accepting my invitation. She is a British Filipino ESL teacher currently based in China. It took me awhile to think on what country I will list her. But decided to stick with the location where she is at the moment. At last the list is not empty anymore! By the way, we also agreed to have blog collaboration too. So excited that this is now rolling. Thanks Libera for accepting my invitation and listing me also in your list!

My list of countries as well as the International Blogger Friends Directory is on my About Me Page. The countries in the list are 195 starting from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. If you think I missed your county, let me know.

If you are already in the Philippines, I am also building another list which is ” BLOGGER FRIENDS PER PH REGION” . I know most of circle here are in wordpress are in the Philippines. If I have more time, I’ll do inventory of my blogger friends so it won’t be empty anymore. ;D

But of course, you can build your own International Blogger Friends Directory too! Let’s help each other build our list! Who knows, at the end of this year we could have at least 195 blogger friends. The thought excites me.

I hope you take my invitation. Just let me know in the comments. Also if you are more active in Instagram or other blogging platforms, just let me know. This list would include bloggers in all platforms.

Have a good day! And remember that you are awesome. Don’t let others make you think otherwise!

Your Friend From the Philippines,

Gurezu ❤


36 thoughts on “Inviting You to be My International Blogger Friend (Please accept :D)

      1. I am from NCR in the PH! Thanks for accepting my invitation. Would you like to do any more activities listed above? (But I would understand if you would not be interested for now. Being Architecture student is not an easy and you are probably very busy! But let me know if you can ;))

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      2. Just corrected my directory. Also I realized that we are following each other for so long and even interacted in each other’s blog multiple times. You have been my blogger friend for a long time.


      1. HI Rhea, we have been blogger friends in the net and in real life. You are actually an official blogger friend for so long. So I think we have done one of the special activities above. But I’m still open for blog collab. ❤ Let's think about topics next time.


  1. Gurezu, I love this idea!! 🙂 I am definitely one of your blogger friends in America. Singing together on Smule would be hilarious– let’s do that sometime!!


      1. HI Hunida! Sorry for late reply on this one. My smule username is shia_yuki. I looked up for “Nacho Cheese” there to follow but it results to nothing. About the song, hmmm, I want a party song or vibe. Ir a disney song is also okay. I warn you though, I’m not a good singer. But I just love to sing anyway hhahah,

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  2. hello my name is Aya. im a new blogger i just uploaded my first blog post today. im looking to make friends with other bloggers cus honestly i dont know anyone.


    1. HI Ayagha. Sorry for just replying now. i got too busy.But sure! It’s my pleasure to be your blogger friend. I just checked your blog to know more about you but the link is dead. Could you check?


  3. Hi! This is a great concept and love the idea! I already added you to my blogroll. I don’t have that much blogger friends let alone international ones so it is also a nice way for me to somehow expand my network and see different perspectives from other nationalities. I might incorporate this concept on my blog too maybe in the future! Btw, I’m a Fil-Caymanian and I’m based in Cayman Islands. ❤ Looking forward to more of your posts and maybe a collab in the future. Btw, I will start watching Parasite now because of your review! Also finished watching Crash Landing On You!

    A. Choi

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    1. Wow. Sure! I will now put you in Cayman Islands. I have blog collab lined up for the one’s that signed up before. But feel free to tell what is intereting for you in the above list. Following u as well.


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