Posing Suggestions (Sitting)

I haven’t had any serious photography session in a long while. So last two weeks ago, together with our company photography club, we organized a portrait session centering on a different poses. We started with posing on a table and chairs. We took inspiration from google and pinterest but added variation on the poses and expression.

Here are my output. So if you are struggling to pose in a picture, you might take this poses into your repertoire of poses. I learned from this myself.

Model: Therese Angustia
Photography by Gurezu
Gear: Fuji XT20, 35mmm Fujinon Lens
Lighting: G2Photography @g2photography
Edited in Lightroom

Posing with a table or armrest

Posing with highchair

Full gallery in my Facebook page album below.

We also have another set that night …

Full gallery below…

I want to end this blog post with some behind the scenes photos of this session.

by Gerard Dangca (@g2photography)
by Mary Ann Jerica Guinto

I hope you enjoy this photography session and gallery. And I hope this will help you in anyway to pose for your next profile picture!

Remember you are awesome!

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Lipstick Review: VICE Little Ponies

Liptick is the magic wand of make-up world. And for that here is Gurezu for another lipstick review because she’s a lipstick crazy.

Today is about VICE Little Ponies which I bought in lady wonderland called “Watsons” for only P395.00. It comes with four shades with quirky names. Here’s my full vlog about it.

The vlog is in my local language. But fret not! I love writing also. So here’s my write-up and some screencaps so you can have a preview of all the shades.

1. Jowa Pa More: Bold bright red

2. Havey: Light red

3. Epchuk: Light pink

4. Chup Chap: Intense pink

❤️What I like: Affordable is a given already. What I truly like is the colors are all wearable for those who have morena skin tone like me. I love all the colors. By the time I made the video try-out, my favorite was Havey. But few days later I am leaning more on Jowa Pa More. My least like will be Epchuk since it is so close to my skin color it felt like I am not wearing lipstick. They were all easy to apply and not drying to the lips. I love it!

😠What I don’t like: It is transferable but tolerable enough so it does not bother me that much. However, from my several days of wearing it, I can say it can be easily removed. And I needed retouch several times a day.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars! Must try!


Again here’s the full video of lipstick review.

Hi Beshies! That’s it for my lipstick review. I am now formally inviting you to my youtube channel “Gurezu Reviews”. I am actually plan of doing more of movie and product reviews. I’m just starting with lipsticks.Honestly, I still feel awkward doing videos . And I don’t have much video editing skills to boast but at I’m taking baby steps for now.

Thanks everyone and remember that you’re awesome!




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Boss Ramen: Good Tasting Ramen at P80.00 in Guadalupe

Nothing triggers my ramen cravings unlike rainy weather. But ramen is expensive. One bowl of authentic Ramen can cost from P300.00 up to P500.00. I’m lucky that there’s this ramen house near my house. It may not be authentic Ramen but they taste good in such an affordable price. Their regular bowl only costs P80.00.

If you’re wondering where is the location, it’s just near Guadalupe MRT station. It’s a walking distance from there. But if you’re not familiar, you can ride a tricyle from Guadalupe Andoks Chicken. Boss Ramen is along Orense St in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Complete Address would be Orense St. Guadalupe Nuevo, Makati city

They have 6 Ramen offerings.

  1. Tonkutsu Ramen
  2. Spicy Chicken
  3. Miso Ramen
  4. Seafood Ramen
  5. Tantanmen
  6. Shoyu

My favorite here would be Tonkutsu, Shoyu and Tantanmen. I’m not a fan of Miso Ramen even with the authentic one’s so I never tasted it.

Aside from ramen they have variety of food to chose from. Side dishes, Rice Bowls, Bento Meals, Silog meals and Flavored Wings. I recommend the following because they tasted real good.

  1. Sisig
  2. Kani Salad
  3. Gyoza
  4. Chicken Parmesan

Boss Ramen has quite a nice motif too. I love the wall murals and the lighting looks posh. It does not look cheap at all.

Chicken Parmisan. One of my favorites.

Spicy Chicken Ramen with Ebi Tempura side dish

They even invest in this kind of displays. So educational.

<3 What I love

  • Affordable but good tasting ramen
  • Variety of side menu’s
  • Lovely interior design

</3 What I don’t like

  • Their glass for drinks is plastic. And is quite slippery or oily. Honestly I really don’t like the not disposable plastic glass.

FINAL VERDICT 4/5 stars! Affordable but not cheap. Totally recommended.


Thank you beshies for reading this. It’s been a while since I did a food review. I am starting a youtube channel too. I actually uploaded one video but I’ll tell about it more in the future. I’m still not confident when it comes to video medium.

Remember, it’s not too late for everything, 



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Indak (Movie Review)

Jen (Nadine Lustre) is an island tourist guide who loves to dance without an audience due to a childhood traumatic experience. Her dancing in the middle of the ocean caught the eyes of the passing tourists and her video went viral in social media. Vin (Sam Concepcion) who happens to be in the same island immediately sought her to be a new member of Indak Pinas , a dance group that would represent the Philippines in the World Dance Competition in South Korea.


  • I love the actors. First, Nadine Lustre has the perfect island girl look.  .We all know she’s a total performer. She can sing, dance and act. And I’m happy that  she got a chance to show it off here. She embodies the look of real Filipina beauty. But what I like most from Nadine Lustre was that she has both mainstream and contemporary appeal. Like for example, I can imagine her take indie film roles and do it with justice. Something that won’t work with other mainstream actresses. She has that kind of magic for me.  Sam Concepcion is perfect also for this movie. He can dance but I love his singing more. He also surprised me that he can  act. He has this expressive and vulnerable eyes. I never saw him act so it’s a revelation to me. I want to see more  of him.
  • The visuals and framing. I was blown-away how they showcase Bantayan Island in Cebu . For me, this is a low-key  tourism video and I say that in a positive light.  I love the colors they put whenever the scene is in Bantayan at broad daylight. It brings out the paradise in this island.
  • The music. I appreciate that they invested in original songs for this movie. I personally like the song “Sumayaw sa Indak”. There was this authentic Filipino pride in that song that sends the message of “never giving up” in dancing tune.
  •   It’s rare for Philippine Cinema to have a sort of musical movie targeting younger audiences. I love the song and dance numbers. On top of that, there was this whole poetic narrations from Nadine that anchored the whole movie. It is ambitious. I like it and it turns out really fresh.


Don’t let a one-time disappointment pull you down and limit your world. And also the support you  can give to your friends and family can go a long way in helping them face their fears. This theme explored between the relationship of Jen and her mother (Yayo Aguila). Their relationship is the most moving part of the movie.


  • Underdeveloped sub-plots. Is there a love triangle? Not so much. Is this a love story? Yes, kind of. Is this about the journey of a Filipino creatives braving the international stage? Yes. There was a chemistry with Nadine and Sam but it felt like the movie skipped on building it up appropriately. So when  it’s time for the characters to make drama out  if it, there was this lack of intensity.  I have to mention that I specially hated the scene at the airport. So there’s a love triangle drama going on in the most inconvenient time. While, it can give the movie the conflict it should have, the lack of development leading to that conflict is just problematic. Perhaps, the movie has some issues with  balancing between their journey to the world dance and the romance backstory.
  • There were awkward lip syncing going on in some of the parts of the movie. It’s not the talent’s fault because their voices are really great. It’s just the technicality of syncing their voice and the video. And it’s unsettling to watch.


3.5 out of 5 stars! Despite the many flaws in the story, the movie is refreshing, brave and has good message.


###########SPOILER time. Beware of the following section if you haven’t watched it. You have been warned.#####################################


1.SUDDEN unprofessionalism from Nadine’s character. As I’ve mentioned above, there was this annoying airport scene wherein Jen did not show up in the airport for their boarding time. I didn’t get the sudden drama of not showing of having second thoughts.  Also, Vin and Jen are living in the same condo. Why don’t they go the airport together? In the end Jen showed to the airport and the following scenes suggests that she and Sam flew on a different plane. Jen’s selfishness carried on before the competition itself as she did not inform the team that she’s already in the venue. And she just showed when they are about to dance. I get it that she’s heartbroken but the events leading to it did not get proper build-up to make her actions justifiable.

2. They didn’t win as champions in World Dance Competition.

3. Sam’s character was engaged in the past and it turns out that he has not moved on and has been using Jen as rebound. Some scenes suggests that the girl might have been dead already.

4. It was not really clear if they became officially together at the end. Or Indak team were just having a vacation in Bantayan Island after the competition.


And that’s it ! I’ve been watching a lot of films these days. And I have more movie reviews coming up. If you have watched this film, let me now your thoughts below!

It’s not too late for everything,



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Family History (A Movie Review)

Alex (Michael V) is an optimistic and successful animator, with a beautiful wife and kind son. Everything seems perfect until they learned that his wife May (Dawn Zulueta) has stage 4 cancer. To make matters worst, she revealed that she has been cheating from for 2 years already.

What I like:
The cinematography is lit. It’s rosy and colorful like some sort of filter you’ll choose if you want to be pretty in pictures. I think it reflects Alex positivity in life even toppled by multiple problems. I also love the insertion of animations here whenever Alex’ mind is in chaos. It’s crazy and beautifully crafted.

Nonie Buencamino as gay boss is my favorite character here. I love all his scenes. It felt like he has more heart than everyone in this movie. He’s really a gem. It’s obvious that he’s the best actor in this movie. Even with the minimal number of scenes.

The Message of the Movie

Obviously the message of the movie are targeted for married couples. They should work on their communication and make sure they don’t lose their touch amidst busy schedule and struggles. They should work together to keep the romance alive. You’ll never know when tragedy strikes so make sure to express love whenever you can. Don’t neglect each other.

What I don’t like:

The jokes and drama don’t jive well. The scene is serious and could have made an impact but they just have to drop jokes in such an awkward way. Drama can be funny too. It’s just did not work on this one. Some are even downright cringy. I’m a fan of Bitoy and seriously I watched this one solely because of him. I also believe he can be a great drama actor. I still remember the time he acted in an Eat Bulaga Lenten Drama Special where he acted as mentally-challenged man. Damn,he was so good! He did it here in this movie too but sadly, his character’s jokes felt forced and unnatural for the situation. The momentum of the drama is often destroyed.

The twist in the end and the subplot about their son did not add impact to the whole narrative. The scene between him and John Estrada was like a big joke. It could have been the climax of the movie. It could have been a heart-wrenching moment as Alex finally faced the cheating partner but once again it felt flat. Super flat.

Final verdict: 2 out of 5 stars

The movie is confused if it wants to be an impactful family drama or to be a comedy. Did not succeed to both categories.

Trying Lip Powder for the First time With G21 Powder Liptint

You know everything from Korea nowadays is IN! Make-up trend is not an exception. And the latest thing that pique my interest are Lip Powders. So here is me trying a lip powder for the first time in the form of G21 Super Powder Matte Stain. They says its a dupe for Periperi lip tint to achieve the highly coveted Korean gradient lips.

I am not sure though if G21 is from Korea. Through my research, I stumbled upon this page from Lazada as they are official sellers there named as G21 Skin Care Official . It says here that it’s a Filipino brand from Cabuyao Laguna. They offer range of beauty products and I found them interesting due to the raves I read online. I might try their lip crayon next. They seem to be really popular now for make-up fanatics. Actually, this lip powder that I am going to feature now has numerous features in youtube vlogs already.

And I joined them. Witness my try-out application video of G21 Super Powder Matte Water Stain below. I put timestamps so you’ll be directed straight to application part. Witness my awkward talking and weird editing skills. Bear with me haha!

Meanwhile, I am not a make-up guru myself and I don’t aspire myself to be . But…I have this thing with lipsticks or lippies in general. I am an addict! Llipsticks for me is the magical wand among all make-up products. I love lipsticks. Just lipstick alone could give you a different personality.

But enough of the blabber, G21 Super Powder Matte Water Stain promises these things according to the Facebook reseller’s ad.

  1. It’s not drying.
  2. It does not crack or get cakey when dried.
  3. It’s not transferable.
  4. It’s a lip tint but gets powdery matte when dried.
  5. Bubblegum scent

By the way I bought this at Facebook marketplace for P150.00 each. I bought Yumi and Jam shade as recommended by the online seller. Here’s the G21 Facebook page. It’s only P120.00 each there.

This is me after applying the “JAM” shade. It’s reddish. I had a rough time straightening the edges since it uses a roller. I find it weird but I love it when it dried. It is a liptint at first but it looks like a lipstick after a minute.


This is me applying the YUMI shade. It’s just a light pink shade, just a color of your lips, only better. I like it too but I think I am really more suitable for the darker shades.

Final Verdict

❤️What I like: It delivers almost all what it promises specially the lightweight, non-cracking, non-drying parts. It also made my lips looks full somehow. I love it! I also recently use this as cheek blush too now.

😠What I don’t like: It’s not transfer-proof although it does not transfer a lot . I also noticed it’s not that long-lasting. Well, it’s a lip tint after all. And the roller applicator takes a lot of getting used to to define the edges.

But I find the cons tolerable compared to how wonderful it is. So my verdict will be!

 Gurezu rating: 4 out of 5 stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⚝ 

Again, please watch or subscribe to my newborn youtube channel. Gurezu Reviews. I would review about these things mainly: entertainment, products, travel and food. But mostly movies/series because of Netflix hoho. The first episode is about a lippie because it’s my addiction that’s all.

Thank you again beshies. And remember that It’s not too late for everything! It’s not too late to dream! It’s not too late to chase the life you want.



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Black Mirror Review Season 2 (Tagalog)

First of all, if you want to translate the content of this blog to any language that you feel comfortable to, feel free to use the translator widget located at the sidebar of this blog ———–>

At nagpapatuloy ang aking Black Mirror Reviews dahil manghang-maangha ako sa bawat episode nito. Unique kasi ang mga kuwento at tipong mapapaisip ka talaga kung anong paniniwalaan mo o kung anong papanindigan mo. Sa mga hindi pa pamilyar kung ano ang Black Mirror. Ito ay isang anthology series at collection ng mga “cautionary tales” kapag naging masyado nang advance ang technology at kung paano ito makakaapekto sa society at relationships. Ang rebyu ko sa season 1 ay narito lamang sa link na ito. Mapapanood ito sa Netflix.

Season 2 Episode 1: Be Right Back

Anong gagawin mo kapag biglang nawala ang pinakamamahal mo at may teknolohiya na maaring makagawa ng magandang replika niya base sa “personality blueprint” na iniwan niya sa internet? Kaya rin nitong gayahin ang boses at katawan. 

Naku ang episode na ‘to sobrang nakaka-affected. Ang ganda ganda! Purihin ko muna ang dalawang aktors na gumanap dito dahil ang galing nila. Hindi OA na maraming iyak pero ang bigat. Nadama ko.
Ang creepy ng kuwento nito sa totoo lang. Iyong una, ayaw rin ni Martha sa idea nito, pero sa sobrang lungkot at desperasyon noong nawala si Ash, sinubukan niya. Eventually na-adik na rin siya pansamantalang “comfort”. Ngunit kahit gaano man kagaling ang teknolohiya, wala itong kaluluwa. Ito ang pinakamensahe ng story. Sa huli, hindi naging sapat ang fake Ash. Hindi kailanman. Sa kasamaang palad, nasira lang nito ang tamang “grieving process” ni Martha at hindi siya tuluyang nag-heal. Bagkus lumalim pa ang sakit.

Another lesson siguro, huwag masyadong ma-adik sa internet. Hindi pinakita kung paano namatay si Ash dito pero pinakita rito na heavy user siya in unreasonable level. Sa tingin ko may kinalaman iyon sa pagkamatay niya. Ipinakita rin nito na imperfect boyfriend siya at maaring magaing pa ang fake Ash sa ibang bagay. Ngunit sa huli walang makakapantay sa totoong siya. Humans are imperfect but we have a soul. 

Final Verdict; 9.5/10, Dama ko siya.

Season 2 Episode 2: White Bear

Nagising minsan ang isang babae sa isang kuwarto na walang naalala na kahit ano from the past. Paglabas niya, may mga humahabol sa kaniya na gusto siyang patayin. Marami namang tao sa paligid ngunit walang tumutulong sa kaniya. Lahat sila nirerecord lang siya through their mobile phones. 

Hindi ko masyadong “feel” ang episode na ‘to. Siguro dahil pagod ako noong nanood ako nito at tinatamad ako mag-isip. Although naipaliwanag naman sa huli ang twist. *SPOILER* And lugar na kinalalagyan ng babae ay isang amusement park kung saan paulit-ulit na parurusahan ang isang convict pyschologically. Ang tanong, makatarungan ba ito? Kung sa akin lang, kung totoo ang krimen na ipinaparatang sa kaniya, why not?!

Final Verdict: 6.5/10, Wala akong na-feel masyado sa episode na ito compared sa few episodes na napanood ko prior this.

Season 2 Episode 3: The Waldo Moment

Si Waldo ay isang cartoon character na pinapagalaw at binobosesan live ni Jamie Salter gamit ang isang aparato. Sikat si Waldo dahil bastos siya at walang-galang sa mga pulitiko na guest ng kanilang show. Sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon, natagpuan niya ang sarili na tumatakbo sa totoong eleksyon dahil sa kasikatan niya. Maging si Jamie ay nagulat dahil maraming gustong bumoto at malaki ang pag-asa niyang manalo kahit isang cartoon character lamang si Waldo.

Ito raw ang pnaka-least favorite sa mga episode ng black mirror. And I can see why.Hindi masyadong justifiable Ang biglaang pagsikat ni Waldo. Hindi rin siya nakakatawa cartoon character for me. Gayunpaman, napapanahon ang mensahe na gustong sabihin ng episode na ito. Ang mga tao, pipiliin nila kung sino ang sikat, magaling magsalita, kahit bagsak sa character , walang plataporma at tila ba panggulo lang. Hindi ba pamilyar? Isipin niyo lang ang nakaraang eleksyon sa pagka senado sa Pilipinas. Ang masakit niyan, totoong tao si Waldo. At nanalo pa tlaga. At least si Waldo, wala naman criminal record.

Nakakaawa rin si Jamie rito, ang taong kumokontrol kay Waldo. Successful si Waldo pero hindi niya maramdaman na tagumpay niya rin ito as comedian. Tila ba hindi kayang angkinin. Sa huli, mas naging makapagyarihan si Waldo sa kaniya and he ended up like an empty shell.

Rating: 8/10 stars

Christmas Special: White Christmas

Hmmm. Medyo mahirap para sa akin gawan ng commentary ang isang ito. Hindi sa mahirap siyang intindihin. Pakiramdam ko, iyong mga na-agrabyado sa episode na ito sila pa iyong sobrang naparusahan! Lahat sila may pagkakamali like humans always do. Iyong iba nga ay hindi naman tao in the first place. 

1. Harry – isang awkward na young professional who wanted to score a date. Kinuha niya si Matt bilang “Pick-up” mentor. Ang mentorship ay real-time. Gumagamit sila ng “Z-Eye”. Parang Google Glass pero nakaimplant na sa mata or sa utak. Lahat ng pwede nating agwin with our mobile devices like calling, taking photos and videos, kaya na ring gawin through Z-eye. Lahat ng nakikita ni Harry, napapanood ni Matt at nakakapagbigay siya ng live advice kung ano ba dapat sabihin at ikilos para makakuha siya ng date and hopefully, get laid. Siya ang unang casualty sa White Christmas. Sobrang nakakaawa kung ano ang kinahitnan ng supposed to be first date niya. Yes, ang creepy na nag-acquire siya ng services ni Matt. But still, he doesn’t deserve what happened to him.

2. Cookie – hindi ito ang pangalan ng tao pero panagalan ito ng isa pang technology na na-introduce sa episode. Ang cookie ay “duplicate” ng consciousness at memories ng taong nag-avail ng services na ito upang gawing virtual assistant. Nakakaawa ang mga “Cookies” dahil para sa akin, para silang kaluluwa na na-trap sa isang egg shaped container. They are not just like Amazon Alexa or Iphone Siri. They have thoughts, memories and feelings ng taong pinanggalingan nila. Sabi nila, they are just piece of codes. Pero kung para lang silang code, bakit kailangan silang isailalim sa torture para lang sumunod. Para silang kaluluwa na ginawang alipin.

3. Matt – Hmmm. This is a grey area. Masamang tao siya. No doubt about that. Hindi ako sang-ayon na shinishare niya ang live streaming ng dating adventure ni Harry sa grupo ng mga perverts. Pero iyong punishment sa kaniya sa huli, parang sobrang bigat for me. Pero hindi ako masyadong naaawa sa kaniya.

4. Joe – Waaah! Don’t get me started on this one. Siya pinaka-nakakaawa sa lahat. He was cheated on, blocked by the person he loved the most and the tragedy went on. Iyong nangyari sa cookie niya aka sa duplicate soul ang pinakamalalang punishment sa Black Mirror universe. Mas malala pa sa White Bear episode. He does not deserve this!

Maraming kuwento pero maganda ang pagkaka-habi nila sa isa’t-isa. White Christmas is a hard watch but it is beautifully written and crafted with twists. It will make you ponder about what really makes us human and what extent of cruelty we can do with all advancement in technology.

Rating: 8.5/10 stars. Beautiful but most cruel episode of Black Mirror for me. I stopped watching for three days after this.

That’s it for Season 2. How about you? What do you think of Black Mirror? And what are your favorites so far. I love love to talk about it!

Remember, you are awesome! Don’t let other people tell otherwise!


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OOTD: Fallen Angel Dress

Hi Beshies! I won’t say a lot for words for this post. I just wanted to feature these two dresses I bought from Labyrinth Garden. Actually I won’t say they were two different dresses because they have the same style, only different colors, black and white. I had the pleasure of taking photos while wearing this in several occasion. I guess it’s obvious why its called “fallen angel” dresses. Their main strap at the back has winged like feature. The dresses itself is very simple but the detailed added at the back made the dress so specially-looking for me. I love dresses like this. I believe you can wear them casually. I did.

By the way I bought this at P650.00 each only.

These photos are taken by different photographer friends that followed my directions (hahaha thank you friends for the patience). Some are taken by me with the help of camera timer feature.


Fallen Angel Taking a Bath

This is the first time I tried Kawa Hot Bath. Of course, I won’t let the opportunity pass to have a thematic photoshoot. This happened during our team building in Paradis Island in Cavinti Laguna. Great place for those who want to escape the city life. There was really weak mobile signal there! It’s a remote island surrounded by lake. I haven’t blogged about this. Maybe soon. But here’s their instagram page @paradisisland.ph if you are curious.

The Kawa Hot Bath is not really hot of course. It’s only warm. But there was this fear of getting burned or boiled alive. So I made it sure to make this photoshoot fast. I just really tried this for photos.

Well how about broken glasses and scream words as background…

This dress even took me to Paris. Unbelievable!


Now it’s time for the black fallen angel. Paired with deep red lipstick. Most of these photos were taken in Torres Land Farm which features replicas of famous landmarks around the world. I wrote a separate blog about it here.

So the following photos are self-portraiture. This was also during our stay in @paradisisland.ph as part of our team building. The room was super nice. I can’t resist the itch for photoshoot. My colleagues were all downstairs preparing to depart from the island. And here I am taking quick chances. I didn’t have tripod so I had to improvised using tables and some pile of books. I tried to look a little bit snobbish and devilish. You know, to be in-character.

But I can’t hold that snob look any loner. So the childish smiley self went out still.

Wow, I thought I’ll be writing just one paragraph but it turns out this post became chatty as well. I hope you find this dress really cute as I do. I am not sure if this is available but Labyrinth Garden has many beautiful dresses as well. They are most pre-loved but well curated and styled. It specializes on Lolita and Kawaii Fashion. This is locally owned by a Filipino designer and stylist.


Facebook Page link

And that’s it beshies! As usual, remember you’re awesome and don’t let anybody make you believe otherwise,

Gurezu ❤

Black Mirror Review Season 1 (Tagalog)

Hi Beshies! So maraming nagsasabi na maganda ang anthology series na ito na mapapanood sa Netflix. I had reservation in the past na panoorin ito kasi nakaka-depress daw ang mga stories. Pero this week, I finally gave in. In search for something clever to watch. Iyong tipong mamangha ka or mapapaisip. Pero kung pagod ka, gusto mo manood ng light lang na nakakarelax, I advise huwag ito panoorin mo.

Una sa lahat, for those are not familiar, Black Mirror is an anthology series. Iba-iba ang storya ng bawat episodes pero umiikot ito sa tema ng modern technology at paano ito nakakaapekto sa society at relationships. Hindi siya horror series but more on sci-fi ang genre niya. Every episode was beautifully crafted and warnings about the dangers of technology in the hands of current society. And I want to commend the writer Charlie Brooker. Para sa akin, isa siyang genius!

Season 1 Episode 1: The National Anthem

Synopsis: Nakidnap ang isang member ng royalty at ang hinihingi nilang ransom: makipag sex ang Prime Minister sa isang hayop in front of national television.

Honestly, thrilling ang episode na ito dahil malaki ang at stake. Pero nakakainis din kasi, the authority could have done better. Message of the story: sa social media age, mas madali na mang-bully, mang-harass and even mang terrorize ng tao sa buong mundo. Imbes na maging pribado ang imbestigasyon sa paghahanap sa prinsesa, mas naging vulnerable pa dahil sa bilis ng pagkalat ng impormasyon. People loves drama. Minsan ang isang problema, lumalaki dahil marami na nakisawsaw imbes na ma-resolve ang issue privately. In the end, dahil benta sa madla ang drama, mas nag focus ang mga tao sa screens kaysa sa iligtas ang prinsesa, moreover, ang Prime Minister from a tragic ending. 

Final Verdict: 7 out of 10 stars.

Season 1 Episode 2 : Fifteen Million Merits

Synopsis: Set in a dystopian society. Ang mga trabaho ng mga maralitang tao rito ay mag stationary bike para mag-generate ng energy or kuryente sa komunidad. Hinid ko alam kung prison ba ito o sadiyang ito na ang mismong environment nila. Maaring sira na ang earth at isang “enclosed environment” na nagkatira ang mga tao kasi wala akong nakitang ni isang eksena na nagsasabing mayroon pang “nature” or “outdoor”. Ang pera nila rito ay digital na in a form of “merits”. Mas maraming merits, mas maraming pera. Mas masipag silang mag-bike, mas maraming merits. Ang tanging paraan para umangat sila sa buhay ay sumali sa isang talent reality show na parang “American Idol” ang format. Ang nakita ko sa episode na ito ay ang objectification base on looks. Parang ahh maganda ka, dito ka. Ahhh mataba ka, dito ka. At kung maganda ka naman at may advantage ka, hindi ibig sabihin noon ay automatic na ang pagganda ng buhay mo. Nawawala na rin ang totoong koneksyon ng mga tao sa bawat isa dahil puro na lang nakatutok sa screens. Siguro ang nakakalungkot lang din , kahit ang taong ayaw sa sistema, wala ring choice sa huli kung hindi magpalamon dito.

Final Verdict: Mejo boring sa umpisa. 7 out of 10 stars

Season 2 Episode 3: The Entire History of You

Imagine this! Lahat ng memories mo, pwede na ma-store sa electronic chip na konektado sa utak. Pwede mo i-replay lahat ng nakita mo at pwede mo rin panoorin sa t.v na parang DVD. Ito ang premise ng An Entire History of you at kung paano nito naitulak ang isang lalaki sa kapraningan.

Ito ang favorite ko sa mga episode Season 1. Ang ganda! Napaka believable ng technology. Kung tutuusin parang maganda magkaroon ng ganitong technology in the future. Maaring bumaba ang crime rates dahil wala ka na maitatago sa awtoridad. Kapag kailangang imbestigahan ang tao, mapapatunayan niyang inosente siya sa pamamagitan pagbibigay ng kopya na kanilang memorya. Ngunit gaya ng ibang teknologiya, kapalit nito ang kawalan ng privacy ng tao. At maari rin itong madulot ng panibagong anxieties at paranoia. E di ba nga sa facebook pa lang, studies shows na nagti-trigger ito ng mga psychological disorders specially anxieties. Although sa story na ito, mukhang tama naman na na-praning ang lead character na si Liam. Minsan ang pag disconnect sa teknolohiya ang magbibigay pa sa atin ng kapayapaan. 

Verdict: 9/10, Nice imaginative technology that could breed more good stories. 

That’s it for Season 1. Ang dami ko pang hahabulin! Anyway I post more updates of my Black Mirror reviews in my Facebook page Gurezu Blog. Sharing you the album of my reviews of what I have watched so far in this link.

How about you? What do you think of Black Mirror? And what are your favorites so far. I love love to talk about it!

Remember, you are awesome! Don’t let other people tell otherwise!

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Around the World in One Day

No money for out-of-the country trip? No passport? No visa? No problem.

This resort from Cavite is a resort slash outdoor museum which will give you a chance to have a taste of around the world trip. This features the following landmark:

✈️Eiffel tower, Paris
✈️Statue of Liberty, New York
✈️Pyramids in Egypt
✈️Arabian Temple in UAE
✈️Santorini, Greece
✈️Pyramids in Egypt
✈️Garden of Morning Calm, South Korea
✈️ Disneyland Castle, Hongkong
✈️ Merlion, Singapore
✈️ Pantheon, Rome
✈️ Tower of Pisa, Italy

Others: Not able to capture in pictures
✔Netherland’s Windmill
✔Japan Arc

Opening Hours: 
✈️ AM shift 8 am to 3pm 
✈️ PM shift 4 pm to 11pm

How to Go from Manila
✈️Ride a bus from Edsa Pasay Terminal or PITX bound to NAIC, Cavite. Drop-off to Naic Crossroads. Landmark is Shakey’s or Jollibee. Pamasahe is around P178.00 each
✈️ Ride a tricycle straight to Torres Land Farm. P20.00 each person.

This is the basic rates for AM shift. If you don’t plan to swim, you can just opt for P180.00 entrance fee.
Swimming for Adult: P200.00
Swimming for Kids: P140.00
Entrance fee is P180.00 (for picture taking only)

Pyramids in Egypt

Statue of Liberty, New York

Disneyland Castle, Hongkong

Tower of Pisa, Italy

Garden of Morning Calm, South Korea

Merlion, Singapore

Arabian Temple, UAE

Pantheon, Rome

Santorini, Greece

Eiffel Tower, France

Unfortunately, we were not able to drop by in the Windmills of New Zealand Area. They also have Japanese Area but it has special rates.


Torres Land Farm resort also offers wide range if pools and overnight rooms. The following is published on their official facebook page in this link.

Base here on their map, they also have a Kayaking Area. We haven’t manage to check on that.

On our visit we availed a kubo cottage in the Philippine Area. It is worth P600.00 pesos for AM shift (8am-3am). But since there will be no occupant for the PM shift, they let us extend until we sign-off. This is the pool of the Philippine Area. Actually you can swim to other pools but since its the nearest to our cottage and we were also tired from all the picture-taking, we just opted to swim here.


This is very important to know. It is advisable that you bring your own food here. You can cook beside the cottage as there are a lot of grillers in the area that you can use. There are food stalls but nothing much like restaurant food to fill your appetite when you get super hungry. They have a cafe’ but the options are limited. We bought our food from Shakeys and Jollibee. These restaurants are one tricycle away from the resort. It would only take you less than 30 minutes to get there. We also bought a cake from Red Ribbon which is also nearby. I suggest you already bring food before you enter the resort to avoid the hassle. I also suggest to the resort to build a main restaurant aside from the cafe’.


💖What I like: Torres Land Farm and Resort is a really good and affordable place to bond with family and friends. Also recommended for team buildings because of its wide area. I also love that there are wide range of pools to choose from. The replicas are cute and detailed. I guess they will add more because there are still wide vacant spaces. And before I forgot, I also like their shower rooms and CR. They are clean and well maintained. They also have cool designs. I really love it. I should have took pictures of it.

👿 What I didn’t like about this resort is the lack of food kiosk. I suggest they build their own restaurant there. Or maybe acquire concessionaires. But other than that, I love everything about this resort.

💁 Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

I hope you enjoy this blog as usual Would you believe , we are done with the first half of the year 2019! I hope that wherever you are, you are o your way in achieving your goals this year. And if you are lost, I hope you find direction along the way.

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