My Healing From Pityriasis Rosea

A month ago I uploaded a picture of me in instagram declaring my complete healing from Pityriasis Rosea. Because of this I received an out pour of messages from those who are still suffering from this skin disease. Not only from the Philippines but also from abroad. It looks like more and more people are getting this. I’m writing this so I could give an all out summary of what I did. Also to give awareness about Pityriasis Rosea.


First, what is Pityriasis Rosea or PR for short?

  • It is a skin disease that starts from one big herald patch then spreads as a rash through different parts of the body.

Below is not my photo but this looked very much like my own herald patch

  • It is not an allergy, not a viral infection, not a fungal infection. Actually even skin experts don’t know the cause of this disease. But most probably it was due to stress and weakened immune system. (A dermatologist told this to me.)
  • Completely harmless. It could disappear without a trace. Duration could be from 2 weeks to one year. Mine was approximately 8 months.

My Journey

  • I had it around April 2017. Like I mentioned above, it started in just a one big pink itchy rash in my chest. Then one day, I just realized that it feels like it is giving birth to more small rashes. It spread to my stomach, underarms and whole chest. It scared me because it looks strange. I took pictures of it but deleted immediately because I really don’t like how it looks. It’s just a relief that it did not spread to my face and other commonly exposed body parts. Still, it was depressing to look at.
  • To give you a clue, my case pretty much looked like this. I grabbed this from google.

  • I consulted a dermatologist in Makati Medical and finally found out about Pityriasis Rosea. She gave me an ointment and asked me to observe what will happen in a week. If it keeps spreading, she advised me to go under phototheraphy session. From the looks of it, this treatment feels like you are getting a skin tanning session. Though I feel determined to take it, it was costly. One session cost at least 800 and it was not covered in my healthcard. One week and the ointment did not help at all. But I did not comeback for phototheraphy session either.

What I did

  • Expose affected areas at least once a day under sunlight.

Base on my research, sun exposure is observed to greatly improve the situation. It was not easy since you tendency to cover the affected areas more since you don’t want others to see it. I tried it in the morning before going to work. I also wore dresses so that it won’t spread in my legs. Fortunately, it really helped to reduce the itchiness. And it really did not reach my legs since it was always exposed.

  • I used “Dove” soap.

The dermatologist advise this herself. Other recommendations are soap with oatmeal bits. Avoid using the harsh soap like whitening soaps at all cost. I use Safeguard as my daily soap. Dove is too oily for me. But since I have no choice, I obliged myself to use it. It reduce the dryness and flakiness of the rashes. But still did not go away.

  • Use BL cream

I visited an aunt for a celebration and advised me to try this. She is also using this whenever she is having rashes. She gave me a half-filled container of it to try. I applied it after taking a bath. I think in just two days, my rashes turned to brown immediately which is actually a sign that it is healing.


Base on this article, BL Cream is ” is a combination of a 10mg/g ketoconazole and a 500mcg/g clobetasol”. You can get this in your nearest drugstore. In my case, I bought it in Mercury Drugs. I don’t understand much but what I remembered is it should not be taken for a long time. Though it is just used externally, it can penetrate way beyond the epidermis. Large amount of its ingredients can cause cataract, diabetes mellitus, glaucoma and tuberculosis. But its okay as long as you don’t apply it to a large part of your body and you don’t use it for a long time. Because of what I read I only used this for a week. When I thought that my PR is healing, I stopped using BL and Dove soap altogether. I think this is the reason why I had a second wave attack of PR. This time it spread on my back. When I noticed it, I bought Dove and BL cream.

This is one of my pictures when I applied BL cream on my chest after taking a bath. I thinks this is the only pic I have when I still have PR.

  • In addition, I finally bought Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion. The dermatologist also recommended this but I refused to buy because one bottle is way too expensive. But I decided to give it a go this time so I can finally get rid of PR. Also I can’t apply BL cream on my back or the whole of it so I just use this lotion for that.


Other things I Did

  • I joined a Pityriasis Rosea Support Group in Facebook. It is a closed group and you need to be approved before you can join. People share their own journey on healing there. I found that I was not alone and there are far more worst PR cases there. You might discover what method will work for you.
  • I also started taking Vitamins C because I thought I could have been lacking in vitamins. I’m not fond with eating fruits but I pushed myself to eat banana everyday. I also started drink turmeric tea. I keep on and stop thinking about my PR. Slowly, I notice that they are disappearing for real. And last December, I finally celebrated my healing by wearing Bikini (hihi!).

Having PR made me realize that I should appreciate my body more no matter what the flaws are. What matter is it is healthy and strong. I hope this write-up will help you. Feel free to comment below if you have more tips to share regarding this disease.