PAWER! (“The Fault In Our Blogs” Members Meet-up”)

Ehem! This will be my first every blog post in  I have a an existing site “”   that is currently hosted at weebly and I am confused whether to migrate. But enough on that matter. I’m creating this wordpress blogsite because I recently found a blogger’s community at Facebook. Most of the members have their blogs on wordpress.

Enter “The Fault In Our Blogs”


(photo grabbed from the facebook group)

Most of the members are wordpress bloggers. To be honest, I’ve been blogging for years and I’ve been longing for a community for bloggers.  I know there are a lot of talented bloggers out there but it feels like I am alone in my journey. I want to see, talk and discuss with people who share the same passion in writing.  In short, I want to have a circle of blogger friends. I have met people in tumblr before but it did not became intimate. And most of them are not active anymore. *SIGH*

And then I re-unite with a highschool -mate Jas ( . We’ve been meeting each other in a sort of ‘bus stop’ on our way to work since I migrated to BGC. One day, she introduced me to this facebook group of bloggers. Without a second thought, I said I want to join. It was a right timing because they are about to have a second meet-up really really soon.

January 6, 2018. 


Bannaple. Gateway Mall

I arrived thirty minutes before the schedule. I had time to relax and write in my journal as part of  my entry in #Braver2018Challenge at instagram.



  1. I’ll gain blogger friends. I expect to meet around 5 people.
  2. Maybe there will be a lot of awkwardness. Just in case I don’t click with the group, at least I know Jas and I’ll have someone to talk to.
  3. Maybe the meeting will just last until 7pm.


  1. I met not only 5 but whooping 14 bloggers! And they are all amazing writers varying in work, experiences and style of writing. Two of them even came abroad. Maldives and Japan. We even met someone in Singapore who  excitedly joined us through a video call.



(photos by Jheff of

Here they are, in no particular order.

a. Jheff ( The first person I met. Our main contact. Has a very warm personality. Iyong taong tipong makakakonek ka kaagad and make you feel welcomed.

b. Jas ( A big thanks to you sis for inviting me. Natameme talaga ako when I learned about her illness. I see her very week with a smile on her face. I had an impression she’s a totally healthy person. I mean she’s an adventurer, go to work everyday and life of the party. Tapos ganun pala. Very admirable person.

c. Mary Rose ( She came from Japan and actually on their way to Bicol when she attended the meet-up. Binigyan pa kami ng cute chopsticks. I have an impression that she’s a shy person (pero mali daw ako e ).  She’s pretty and ang cute ng plum lippie niya.

d. James ( Isa sa mga nakausap ko ng matagal because we are both in IT industry and we had a mutual friend. But he got many plans on his sleeves now, venturing away from this field. Buti pa siya. Good luck on your new journey!

e. Alissa ( Siya iyong galing Maldives na mastermind ng TFIOB. She has many fans. Hindi ko lang siya masyadong nakausap but I think she’s an approachable person. Hindi ko malilimutan iyong sawang-sawa na raw siya sa sight ng dagat. If you think about it, even the most beautiful view will bore you if that’s the same and only thing you see everyday.

f. Kate ( Very pretty and sophisticated. She’s working in DFA. I won’t forget what she said about wearing high heels and red lipstick when meeting men with regards to her work. She travels a lot pero nakaka-stress din daw kasi puro work-related.

g. Patrick ( I like his eyeglasses and his love for coffee. If I am right, he is working on his masters. Umalis ng maaga para gumala sa Cubao Expo for one of his coffee escapade pero bumalik din naman.

h. Ely ( Hindi ko siya masyadong nakausap. Pero isa lang ang masasabi ko. Ang dami niyang fans! Never pa raw kasi siya nag-upload ng pics sa blog niya. I found her blog really interesting. Full of emotions kasi.

i. Rhea ( Mga tipong nag-aadik din sa koreanobela. Mukhang korean. Very pretty! I couldn’t forget when she talked about her heartbreak and how it made her stronger.

j. JC – Jonalyn couple ( The blogger couple.They share the same fb and blog account. And I find that really sweet that they share the same hobby.

k. Jonathan ( Very popular sa mga girls but his feelings expires for three weeks lang daw. Totoo ba ito? Grabe ka hahaha! On a side note, very cool writer. I read his blog about the first TFIOB meet-up and it is a like a literary piece. I am really amazed.

l. Aila ( I was not able to talk to her that long. But she’s also fun and very friendly. I couldn’t forget when we talked about “Robust” supplement. Sabi niya iyon raw ang bumubuhay sa company nila. Ibig sabihin malaki ang demand haha!

m. Pajama ( Memorable itong si girl kasi first time kong magkaroon ng kasama sa loob ng CR. Nakatalikod siya when I did my thing. And vice versa while we are talking with each other. Ilang oras pa lang kami magkakakilala niyan.



2. Maybe there will  be a lot of awkwardness? That’s a big cross too. Well at the start, maybe yes. When everyone starts coming and we became a larger group, I sensed that somehow we felt lost on what to do next. I mean we didn’t have a program or itinerary. (May pa games ba? May pakulo ba? May mag pe-perform ba?) It can’t be helped that we will be divided into small groups for intimate discussion. But it’s alright because we talked anything at various topics unimaginable. Hindi ko na matandaan nga e. Sanga-sanga na ang mga usapan. One of the most memorable topic was about Robust. Everyone was laughing. We just talked until we decided to leave Banapple at around 8pm. Nahiya rin kami kasi overstaying na talaga. And since we can’t get enough, we decided to go to a KTV.



3. Meeting will last until 7pm? Deym! We parted ways at around 1 am. Inumaga na kami mga besh.  We initially rented the room for only 1 hour but we extended it for another 1.5 hours. To those who did not get to this point. James, Jheff and Pajama are good singers. Si Jonathan natulog lang sa tabi.

26220004_1681813878507308_2888866386068275420_n26854628_10212812419899676_548323756_o (2)

So overall, the meet-up was a great experience for me. I really look forward in meeting them again. I can truly say at this point that I finally found what I was looking for, a warm community of bloggers. The Fault in Our Blogs. TFIOB. Bow.


23 thoughts on “PAWER! (“The Fault In Our Blogs” Members Meet-up”)

  1. Congrats sa first blog post mo sa WordPress.. ☺
    Actually may games talaga na nakaready. Hindi lang nagawa kase maingay yung lugar, at ang dami natin. Tsaka yung iba nagkakahiyaan pa eh. Heheh.. Sa 3rd meet-up na lang siguro yung games. 😊


      1. Pwede! Langit-lupa pwede rin, or di kaya luksong-baka. Heheh.. Pang indoor at simple games lang yung hinanda namin nun, pero kapag sa bundok na yung next meet-up, marami tayong options.. ☺


  2. Pag nakita to ni Ate Space mapapagalitan nanaman ako sa hindi ko pag anggulo. Wahahahahaha.
    Kinilig ako sa description mo sakin. Ewan ko saang part dun. Wahahahaha.
    Salamat sa pag-exclude samin ni Jas sa mga magagaling kumanta ha. Heller. Dancers kasi kami. Dancers. Saka models. Charot lang.
    May games talaga kaming pinrepare eh. Ewan ko dito kay Tito Jheff anong nangyari.
    Nice meeting you, Grace. Saka sa pag-drop sakin pauwi. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Welcome sa WordPress at TFIOB, Besh! Sana nagenjoy ka sa first meet up at may mga susunod pa yan for sure. Laban leni lang ang peg naten everyday. 😂😂😂


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