Girl From Nowhere Ranking of Episodes and Review (VLOG)

Hi Friends! Just want to share another vlog and this time I’m doing episodes reviews of “Girl From Nowhere”. This topped the charts of Netflix Philippines recently.

Girl From Nowhere is a Thai series centered on a girl named Nanno. She’s clever and mysterious. She transfers from school to school to expose the dark secrets of selfish teachers and students. Each episodes are stand-alone on its own (except for two part episodes). Overall, I loved this series because it is not only thrilling but it tackles real-life relevant issues.

Come join with me as I rank each stories, revisit their endings and the moral lessons that comes with it.

WARNING: Videos comes with a lot of spoilers! Video is in my local language Filipino but English Subtitle is available.

Content outline jump links!

Rank 11: 01:09

Rank 10: 04:19

Rank 09: 06:03

Rank 08: 08:40

Rank 07: 10:28

Rank 06: 12:34

Rank 05: 15:36

Rank 04: 18:39

Rank 03: 20:40

Rank 02: 23:09

Rank 01: 25:04

Final verdict: 26:35

Do you agree with my rankings? What is your most favorite episode?

Be awesome!


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