Top 3 Most Common Aesthetic Bullet Journal Themes

If you’re a beginner in bullet journaling and you want to step-up your aesthetic game but somehow, don’t know where to start, then this video is perfect for you. Here I tackled the three most common aesthetic themes in bullet journaling community: vintage, kawaii, black and white minimalistic. I will give you ideas on the staple materials and color schemes to achieve these aesthetic. Disclaimer though, I concluded that these are the most common aesthetic themes because I’ve been doing bujo since January and these are the three that usually come up in Instagram and Facebook. This is base solely in my observation.


00:00 November Monthly Cover Page

00:52 Vintage (Monthly Log and Weekly Spread)

03:16 Kawaii (Trackers and Weekly Spread)

07:21 Black and White (Weekly Spread and Expense Tracker)

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Also sharing with you the Bujo Final Flipthrough of my October Set-up where I made different bujo spreads in 11 styles.


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